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Entropia Universe

The worlds largest Real Cash Economy Virtual World. Experience your new virtual life on one globally linked server network with infinite opportunities to grow

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Master The Virtual World

Grow in hundreds of skill sets

Will you be the next globally recognized hunter, miner or crafter? Expand as a land or shop owner and evolve your business. Design and modify other avatars and earn your living in the virtual world. Manage your own Mothership and control your own space empire!

Become A Champion
Virtual Avatar One

Compete in events to earn cash, fame and glory

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are given away each year in this real cash virtual world. Collaborate with others and take control of profit bearing lands, pirate lootable space or zones, or dominate the competition in competitive PVP or PVE events!

Entropia Universe

Real Cash Economy Virtual World

Entropia Universe is massive virtual environment built on the Entropia Platform. A variety of developers and partners build their own planets, businesses and content within this unique MMO. The in game currency, PED, has a direct transfer rate to the US dollar at a 10 to 1 ratio, for both deposit and withdraw through your bank, paypal, and many other payment providers. Giving you the opportunities in the virtual world to find our own path have something to show for all your efforts when plugged into your own personal oasis.

Create Your Avatar

Once you sign up for free, create your virtual world avatar just like Ready Player One with Entropia’s advanced avatar creation system.

Guinness World Records

The Entropia Universe holds multiple Guinness world records for virtual items sold.

Treasure Island

Sold For: $26,500

In 2004, the avatar known as “Deathifier” purchased the Treasure island estate for 265,000 Project Entropia Dollars (PED), the equivalent to $26,500 US Dollars. Since this time the property has earned over $1,000,000 in revenue.

The Mysterious Atrox EGG

Sold For: $70,000

Much like the easter eggs of the gaming history, and Haliday’s Easter egg, Entropia Universe maintained the mysterious egg for nearly a decade before it was sold, and then hatched. The egg produced a rare and new Creature for players to hunt.

Mining Asteroid

Sold For: $100,000/$635,000

This high stakes mining asteroid, was sold in 2008 to the avatar “Neverdie” for $100,000, then subsequently resold after profits of over $200,000 per year were gained by its owner. The various segments of the asteroid sold to a variety of buyers for a total of $635,000.

Is this an official Ready Player One Website? is not an official “Ready Player One Game”, this website exists to provide an answer to the question;

“What games are like the Oasis in ready player one?”

The real cash economy MMORPG of Entropia Universe is a great example of where concepts like the Oasis begin. With globally linked servers, and MindArk’s vision of evolving into the 3D internet where you may seamlessly move between different worlds and planes of existence. Eternal growth in skill, and the ability to build business, socialize or just be entertained in an environment like Haliday’s Oasis.

Entropia Universe has existed for nearly two decades on this concept, and is free to download and explore for all virtual world enthusiasts.

We hope you enjoy your journey in your new avatar!


Join Entropia Universe for free today and create your own unique avatar to explore virtual realms in your own ready player one like avatar.

Mini Games

Entropia universe has a wide variety of mini-game instances you may enter. Ascend into robot space ships and raid them for all their technological riches, journey down into deep caverns and face sub-terrainian monsters with your friends, or challenge the battle simulator to win prizes and compete for the fastest time in defeating all the AI defenses!


Find your own personal Oasis on one of the many planets within the universe, buy your own virtual land, or home, grow crops and sell the fruits of your labor to other avatars. Take a drive across the vast landscapes and take in the beautiful scenery before settling down for the night. Exploration of every region of the universe will take years, and is continually expanding for your enjoyment!